• ACHS College 2nd Priority List. Published Date: 3, November 2023

  • Holi Blast 2023 Published Date: 26, February 2023

  • Valentines Day Celebration Published Date: 8, February 2023

  • Admission list of ACHS with respect to second merit list from T.U Published Date: 6, January 2023

  • BSc. CSIT II (Batch 2078) Semester and VII (Batch 2075) Semester form fill up notice Published Date: 6, January 2023

    It is notify to all BSc. CSIT II Semester, Batch 2078 and BSc.  CSIT VII Semester,  Batch 2075  to fill up  form within the deadline.

    For more information, please contact college administration.


  • IIMS BIZHUB CALL FOR APPLICATION  Published Date: 26, April 2022

    Call For Application!!!
    IIMS Bizhub is an academic incubation space to cultivate distinct academic eco-systems created to address the needs of young entrepreneurs by helping them realize their concept and transform it into reality.

    This dedicated entrepreneurial space is a go-to place for our students across multiple programs to unite, collaborate and work with other fellow entrepreneur minds.

    The objective is to assist budding entrepreneurs in their start-up journey and beyond through training workshops, mentorship, shared working space, seed funding & investment opportunities to remain afloat.

    You can apply for IIMS Bizhub through the registration link given below:
    Registration Link:

    The last date to apply for IIMS Bizhub is 10th May 2022.

    For further information, contact:
    Lucky Shrestha – IIMS Bizhub Coordinator


  • B.Sc. CSIT 2078 Admission Merit List Published Date: 24, March 2022

    B.Sc. CSIT 2078 Admission Merit List
    The following list of students have been selected to get admitted at ACHS based upon their IOST Entrance Score. The admission needs to be completed by 15th Chaitra 2078 (29th March 2022).
    In case the student(s) decline to get admitted or fail to get admitted by the above-mentioned date, the students on the waiting list will be eligible to get the admission.

    B.Sc. CSIT 2078 Admission Merit List 

  • CLASS (VIRTUAL) SCHEDULE OF CSIT 7TH SEMESTER!!! Published Date: 21, April 2020

    *Subjected to Change as per the requirement/ availability of the faculty members. Please refer to the google sheet shared for the details.

  • OUR FIGHT AGAINST PANDEMIC COVID-19!!! Published Date: 20, March 2020

    Dear ACHS’ians,

    It is pretty sure that we have had our differences in the past. But now is the time that all of us are on the same page in the fight against COVID-19.

    As the educated lot of the society, we have some responsibilities towards our families and society as a whole. It is the time to portray our learning from classroom and various other events and activities in our fight against the pandemic.

    The government has started taking necessary steps in its pursuit of prevention against COVID-19. Similarly, it is our responsibility to follow the instructions as well as make sure that our near and dear ones around us too are following them.

    A lot is not required at this moment in time. Being rational, logical and aware about the situation shall do more than enough.

    The reason why all classes, examinations and all other activities have closed is to make sure that we safeguard ourselves as well as others by staying at our homes. During this moment, lets not prove ourselves stupid by travelling, participating in mass gatherings or any other un-prescribed activities for fun.

    This crucial moment demands alertness, awareness and us following the suggestions put forward by the authority and other related departments.




  • SUSPENSION OF PRACTICAL AND VIVA!!! Published Date: 20, March 2020

    Dear BCA 1st and 3rd Semester Students,

    The Practical and Viva Examination scheduled on 22nd March, 2020 (Sunday) has been suspended until next notice due to the security concerns against COVID-19.

    Please be safe, act rationally and follow the instructions put forward by the government during this situation.

    ACHS Academics

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