• B.Sc. CSIT Admission Notice Published Date: 31, July 2019

  • BCA Admission Notice Published Date: 31, July 2019

  • CSIT 7th Semester Viva Schedule Published Date: 31, July 2019

  • MBA Exam Form for Final Exam Aug 2019 Published Date: 4, July 2019

    Dear MBA Students (1st, 2nd and 3rd Semester),
    Please fill up the MBA Aug 2019 Final Exam form and clear all remaining fees not late by Jul 8, 2019. No late form and delay payment will be entertained.
    Contact Account Department for your fee clearance and collect the exam form from the front desk and submit it to Account Department not late by July 8, 2019 till 3 pm.
    The course code and course details are in your student handbook provided to you earlier in the induction class.
    Also, MBA 3rd Semester students need to fill up the exam form with the specialized subject as confirmed by the academic department. do not change the specialization at the time of filling up the form. If any change in the specialization course is found in any filled exam form, the student’s exam form will be cancelled and subject to not qualified for the final exam of Aug 2019. So, all please be aware of the specialized course during filling the form.
    The same information is conveyed via email and sms.
    Thank You!
    IIMS Lincoln Academics
  • Experimental tourism Bandipur trip Published Date: 27, June 2019

    Dear BA-Hospitality Management 8th semester students,

    Kindly be present sharp 8:00 am at the college premises tomorrow i.e. 28th June for your experimental tourism trip to Bandipur and ensure to bring all necessary documents.

    IIMS Academics

  • Revised Class Timetable of BIT (June 2019) Published Date: 17, June 2019

  • BBA MID TERM EXAMINATION 2019 JUNE Published Date: 16, June 2019

  • BIT MID TERM EXAMINATION TIME TABLE 2019 JUNE (Revised) Published Date: 11, June 2019

  • Exam preparation Leave Published Date: 9, June 2019

    Dear Students (BSc Computing),

    Considering the upcoming Mid-Term Exam, we’ve decided to grant a exam preparation leave Tomorrow, 10th June 2019 i.e. there will be no regular classes until Mid-Term exam completes. However the special classes (training), FYP supervision meetings and assignment submissions will still continue despite the declarations.

    Good Luck with your exam preparations
    IIMS Academics

  • IIMS MID TERM EXAMINATION TIMETABLE 2019 JUNE Published Date: 6, June 2019

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