Life at ACHS


5 stars for Student:Teacher Ratio, Student Retention and Student Demand (QS 2018)

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Nine of our subjects are ranked in the world's top 50 (ARWU 2018)


Ranked 91st in the Top 100 universities of the world (QS 2018)

Life At ACHS

Getting a degree isn’t the only reason to come to ACHS College, it’s also a great opportunity for you to meet new friends, improvise your skills and experience the student lifestyle. You’ll meet loads of new friends contributing a rich variety of cultural and geographic backgrounds, interests and talents with a deep respect for individual differences. These people will be on the same journey as you are and can become friends for life.

The social events, extra curricular and co-curricular activities available here are extensive, varied and available for everyone to take part in. ACHS College is well equipped to start you on your way to a successful future. You’ll be responsible for your own success and we’ll encourage and help you all the way. We provide students the chance to extend their learning outside the classroom.

In and out of the classroom, students are governed by the student’s CODE OF CONDUCT, a set of principles that stresses mutual respect and integrity. Students ratify the code, agree to adhere to it, and enforce its provisions.

Life at ACHS helps you to balance your academics along with your social life.

Courses and study

The course you study will have a big impact on your student life. It is important that you find a course which fuels your passion to learn, and also improves your career prospects throughout your working life.

Devoting yourself to a single course out of potentially thousands is different to selecting four A level subjects from a limited list.

A Campus of opportunity

It is an exceptional stage designed to provide an opportunity for students to hear several people knowledgeable about a specific issue or topic, present information and discuss personal views. It is a forum where a diverse range of themes which emphasize relevant corporate, public and socio-economic matter are discussed. Panelists are drawn from various sectors of industry and business.


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