Hey there!! I hope everyone is fine sitting out there during this lockdown period due to the pandemic COVID-19. During this period there were lots of spare time, as time had been passed on. As many of us were pretty excited with the lockdown at beginning but as the time passed by it became pretty bored and it was more boring day by day. So amidst lockdown our college started to run online classes which was new type of experience and we are being used to it. As classes was continuing we were informed about the Webinar on “Nepal to US & Beyond” by Mr. Sajak Upadhyaya who is alumni of IIMS Education foundation.

The webinar was conducted on 3rd May, 2020 at 9:00 A.M. in Google Meet. It was new practice for us as more than 90 students attended it. Everyone was elevated about the topic which was about addressing the problems and different procedures that needed to be done to go to U.S. (often considered as country of dreams). Since U.S. comes to the top list when people think to study aboard, we all we ready to interact with him. Many student came forward with the question like: How to get enroll in the university? What are the requirements needy for getting into good university? What pre-exams needed to done for applying Visa? What are the chances of getting accepted by the universities out there?

Most of the question were answered well and everybody have their doubt cleared. We even got to know that having 1-2 yrs. job experience and applying after that would help a lot helpful to go U.S. The webinar was full of interaction with speaker and he was way too friendly to share the experience and address the answer that student keep forward to. This made us very open to ask the question and everyone was pleased with the answer that he replied.

But the webinar was never a one that emphasized to study aboard. He was very clear that, ones who have motive of going aboard can try for U.S. and no pressure on the people who want to do something here in Nepal. The webinar went so well and it was worth of 2 hrs. that day. Lastly, I would like to thank Mr. Sajak for giving us interactive session and we are grateful for the time and effort you took to share your thoughts and experiences with us.
Thank You!!

Nischal Thapaliya, CSIT 7th Semester.


Nepal to US & Beyond” was very productive session especially for those students who want to apply USA for Master’s degree. Throughout the session, the guest pointed out the things that are important for students to know before applying the USA visa. The guest was so frank and friendly that he answered all the questions of students without hesitation even if it was not of his concern.

Because of this session, I got a chance to know a lot about the ways to apply the universities, the student life in USA, the internship programs and many more. Altogether, the session was good but in my opinion, it could have been more interactive than it was.

There were 91 students altogether but only few students were interactive with guest. And, a separate session would be better for senior semester students if possible.

Bijaya Shrestha, CSIT 5th Semester.


The session was about 2 hrs long and so informative. Got to know about the journey of our guest lecture from Nepal to the USA. Session was very fruitful for those who wanted to pursue their higher education in the USA. I personally found it very fruitful. The guest lecture covered the applying process, choosing a university, why to study in the USA and how to find the perfect university that suits our course of interest.

Moreover, we put our queries and got the answer. We also talked about how to start an internship and got some ideas to make a good portfolio. Overall, the webinar was so informative. I enjoyed the whole session and got some ideas to start with the perfect programming language in my field of interest.

Ravi Lamichhane, CSIT 3rd Semester.


Hello, I am a sophomore student of Asian College of Higher Studies pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (B. Sc. CSIT). I am also a founder of Hackfiber (IT Community), which works on to set up the skills needed among all the students taking any IT courses. Also, there are my other mates who are assisting to make this community bigger, better and stronger.

Its been more than a month that we are staying at home due to the lockdown and could not join our college which is actually a distressing thing. Not only our country, whole world is being conscious and taking the precaution measures regarding this issue of Corona virus. At first, I was super excited when I heard about the lockdown. All I was thinking was, I could stay home and can spend my week with my family. But when the lockdown extended, I was all getting bored staying home inside a single room. This could be the reason that I couldn’t withstand with the lockdown. I was busy in doing all my college work and hustle and bustle nature of the big city of Kathmandu prior to the lockdown. The only best solution during this time in self-isolation is that we should appreciate the government’s decision and take it seriously.

I know many students in any field are having the same problem as mine. In spite of talking on the issue that corona has made us to think about, let’s talk about my daily activity that I am doing during this hard time of COVID-19. Hope, this might help you get out of your stressful time, and make you think that we can actually utilize this time in the best way possible. I have started to work out to get physically fit, read novels, learn new programming languages and meditation. These are some activities that I have been doing to utilize my time. Also, me and my team are working to facilitate other students who are locked down at their homes with some IT related virtual workshops.

We do these events through Hackfiber,an IT community formed by students of ACHS (founders of Hackfiber: Mohan Rawat, Shree Krishna Lamichhane, Ravi Lamichhane and Ujjwal Shrestha).Previously, we had organized several IT related events on Arduino, R, Python, Git and GitHub Workshops. After the lockdown, as all the colleges were shut off and we were thinking of postponing our event and get it done after the lockdown is over. But the lockdown went on increasing, it made us think on, “How can we actually connect among all the students?”. The only the solution we found was Virtually. So, we started delivering the workshops virtually in G-meet and Zoom app and we found it very useful and got good feedbacks as well. We did the first workshop of complete HTML and CSS to the intermediate level students, which lasted about 3 hours long and was a fruitful one.

After a week ahead, we planned on giving the Python workshop on Friday, April 24, 2020 in the collaboration with ACHS IT CLUB and Mr. Mahesh Acharya (an AI expert) as the facilitator who facilitated throughout the session, which lasted about 2 hours. The session was delivered to near about 35 participant who were from different cities of Nepal, which is actually a great success.

In the first hour we learnt all about the basics of Python viz, variable, operators, functions, OOP concept, and many more. After the basics were completed, we started doing the project that everyone could understand. Then, in the end we had a Q/A session where everyone cleared their doubts. Our mentor also shared his journey to his way of AI and Machine Learning and even shared the resources that would be helpful for those who wanted to build their career in AI and Machine Learning. Overall, the session was great and successfully ended.

Mohan Rawat, CSIT 2018 Batch, ACHS College

Founder, Hackfiber

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