While there’s pandemic going in whole world, our college has been organizing many exciting and fruitful sessions which keeps us engaged in learning more and efficiently even during these days of lock-down. An interactive session on 17th May, 2020 mentored by Mr. Sishir Thapa with the name “Reality Check :IT graduates” turned out to be a prolific for each of the IT enthusiast who were lucky to attend.

He was very frank and friendly to share his experience. With the help of his simple and wonderful slides, he progressed through the webinar by talking on each and every prospective such as importance of college degree, internships, side projects and many more. He also suggested us to make strong networking with others by participating in hackathons, workshops, and others.

Some handy tips he shared with us:

=> Don’t hesitate to ask for help, ask for help only after you’ve done much research about the topic but still you cannot figure out the problem
=> Never hesitate to learn new technology, do not stick to the technology that you know => Try to adapt to technology according to the company. Make habit of reading blogs and documentation. => Make habit of reading blogs and documentation => Develop communication, planning, documentation & management skills, And many more.
Thank you!!!

Suman Sijapati, CSIT 7th Semester.


A webinar on “REALITY CHECK : IT GRADUATES” was conducted by ACHS college and presented by Mr. Shishir Thapa, a software engineer at Danphe Software Labs and one of the former students of ACHS college on 17th May, 2020.

In the session, he discussed about the real world scenarios faced by us, the IT graduates. It was very interesting and informative session. The way he presented with relating the topic to his experience bound us to listen. It was really effective for us, IT students struggling with questions like what to do and how to start. He shared us his experiences of how he learned from small projects. So, he encouraged us to learn anything and start doing small projects on it. Also, he shared how he learned from for his mistake and how we should not hesitate to ask and learn at any time.

He showed how networking plays great role in our success and how lack of networking can be a big disadvantage. He also shared the fact that we are not bound to be staying behind our laptop 24/7 and we need to be more outgoing and willing to learn more. This has been an amazing opportunity for us to be able to hear to the experience from someone who has faced the real world scenario. I am really grateful towards ACHS college for organizing such session during this lockdown period and Mr. Shishir Thapa for such insightful presentation.

Pragya Shakya, CSIT 5th Semester.


Our college, ACHS had arranged a webinar on May 17, 2020 on the topic “REALITY CHECK: IT GRADUATES“. Since it was not possible for a face to face session due to the recent outbreak, so it was held on the Google Meet app. It was attended by the students from our college of all semesters. It was a 2 hours long session by Mr. Shishir Thapa, a Software Engineer at Danphe Software Labs who graduated B. Sc. CSIT from ACHS college.

In this webinar Mr. Shishir Thapa passed on his journey after college to a professional work life. He used a presentation to talk about the ways of various IT companies on hiring interns. He also shared his experience about job interviews and working at Leapfrog. He spoke about his mistakes and guided us on overcoming those mistakes and avoiding them. He enlightened us to never stop learning, no matter what we do or where we go in life and to take every chance we can to learn. It can be anything, or what your heart desires but just never pass an opportunity to learn.

He also taught that we should find a mentor in every step of our career and listen to their advice to keep growing our skills. Moreover, he gave us tips on succeeding in our field. Near the end of the session, we were free to ask him questions. On answering some, he advised us to get out of our comfort zone and build a network for a better chance of triumph. To sum this up, I would like to express my gratitude to our college and Mr. Shishir Thapa for organizing such productive plenary during this lockdown and I am delighted to be a part of this.

Ojashwi Shrestha, CSIT 1st Semester.


Asian College of Higher Studies has been organizing series of webinars for its students. ‘Reality Check: IT Graduates‘ was the topic for webinar held on 17th May, 2020 on Google Meet platform. The Resource Person for this session was Mr. Shishir Thapa, Software Engineer at Danphe Software Labs.

In the session ‘Reality Check: IT Graduates‘ was very informative and entertaining. Listening to his experience in IT field from a bachelor student to a Job holder was full of information to us. I liked the way he placed out the mistakes he made while he was working and made us aware not to make such mistakes. He also talked about how we should be learning and not to hesitate to ask others. He told that how freelancing on other side of jobs and working with different contents can help increase our skills

In the end, Question and Answer session was held where he cleared all the doubts of students who raised the questions. This session has helped us to look for our brighter future. Thanks to Mr. Shishir Thapa for conducting such a beneficial session. I would also like to thank ACHS College for organizing such Webinars for students to learn more.

Nhujan Maharjan, BCA 1st Semester.

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