An interactive session ,organized by our college mentored by Mr. Sachin Jung Karki on “Principles of Network and Cyber Security” turned out to be a prolific session for each of the IT enthusiast. Mr.Karki ,a certified Lead Auditor at IRCA, certified EC- council instructor and educator was truly able to widen our horizon of knowledge on such a topic that every person should be aware of.

Being IT student with the dream of having a successful career in Information Technology, we need to deal with various IT tools, ever updating technologies where we may face various security issues like hacking, cyber attacks and others. Such issues are growing on the same pace with the development of technologies. Purposefully, Mr.Karki had divided the 2 hours session into three sections with question answer round after the completion of each. In the session, he included: Core Concept of Information Security, Types of Security Attacks, Concept of Hackers and its Types, Cyber Attacks and its Types, Network Security Design and many
more. Hence, he session became interesting and interactive

Since the session was really worth learning, I would like to express my gratitude to the college administration for arranging such session in this difficult situation. Lastly, I would like to thank Mr. Sachin Jung Karki for spending his valuable time to share his knowledge.
Thank You !

Surakshya Banjade, CSIT 7th Semester.


Our college has been organizing many phenomenal sessions which keeps us engaged in learning more and efficiently even during these days of lock-down. When I saw the event regarding “Principles Of Network And Cyber Security“, I was eagerly waiting for this webinar to be held. Well it was held on “13th MAY 2020” and the session was conduced by “Mr. Sachin Jung Karki”.

The whole session was interesting due to which I was actively listening to the every detail he provided. The slides helped us to visualize things more efficiently and pay attention to everything that were on slides. Here are the things that I learned and understood completely leaving behind every confusion on the topic:

1. Different types of hackers and their characteristics. 2. Different types of threats to the security. 3. Types of security attacks. 4. Ways to avoid the security vulnerability. 5. Details of the cyber security and to implement it.

For me personally, it was really helpful to know about the things that were completely unknown to me and had some misconceptions too. From this webinar, I was able to clear my doubts on certain topics due to which there is no any second thought of not being fruitful . He shared his experience and journey in the “Network and Cyber Security” field which was inspiring. So, I am really thankful for ACHS and Mr. Sachin Jung Karki for organizing this session by allocating time despite his busy schedule for us to learn. I am really delighted that I attend this session

Barsha Pokharel, CSIT 5th Semester.


Here are my some words that I want to share about the recent webinar I attend, “Principles of Network & Cyber security” presented by Mr. Sachin Jung Karki, Chief Information security officer at NexLogiQ. The webinar was hosted by ACHS College on Google Meet due to the ongoing COVID-19 Lockdown situation. The webinar was about two and half hour long and more than 120 participants attended the webinar.

As an IT student, I used to have a lot of questions concerning about the security prospective of the technology that we are using in today’s digital life. When I got to know about this event from the Facebook, I immediately respond as interested. And to be honest after attending the webinar, I don’t regret it. It was so fruitful that, I became able to get the detailed insights on lots of field on the cyber security like Cyber Bullying, Social Engineering, Mobile device hacking, SIM Jacking, Fiber cable hacking, Network device hacking, ARP Spoofing, NFC hacking and lots of other fields like these.

Talking about the resource person Mr. Sachin Jung Karki, he is one of the most interesting and wonderful person I have ever seen. He is very friendly to share his experience and events that he encountered during his working career as Chief Security Officer. I loved his presenting skills the most as he was explaining every topic with the real-world examples and incident experienced by him. I am so glad to be an attendee of his webinar.

From this webinar, I got the new definition of the word ‘Hacker’. He says “Hackers are the intelligent people who wants to play with the technology, who wants to break the technology to create something new, creative and innovative and bring the revolution to the world. Also, there are other lot more things that were discussed during the webinar.

In overall, I would say that the webinar was very effective and fruitful to all of us. I am very thankful to Mr. Sachin Jung Karki for such an effective webinar and ACHS college for organizing these kinds of webinars and letting me to be the part of it. I would expect more events like these to be organized and I wish to be part of them

With Regards, Shree krishna lamichhane, CSIT 3rd Semester ( 2018 Batch).

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