Asian College of Higher Studies had organized a Webinar on ‘Beyond Academics During Academics‘ for the BCA and B. Sc CSIT students of all semester. This was held on 10th May, 2020 on Google Meet platform due to the COVID-19 quarantine situation. The Resource Person for this session was Mr. Rabin Gaire, who is presently working in Leapfrog technology Inc. as Software Engineer.

In his session Mr. Gaire discussed his journey and experience during his academics at ACHS and his curiosity towards new technology. He shared us his own experiences on how he grew his knowledge on coding by utilizing every second of his spare time. He also introduced us to his main formula in life “Learn Practice Repeat”. Mr. Gaire gave us tips on how learning can be easier with a mentor by one’s side and how teaching other can help a person grow their knowledge as well as themselves. As per him learning and working hard is essential part of student life as well as enjoying it, as it is the most precious time of a person.

At the end of this session, I along with all the participants got a boost on how to work on our goals in a better manner. And he was down to earth personality who shared all his experiences to from coding on lunch breaks to becoming a Software Engineer in Leapfrog Technology. This was a great lesson for everyone to work hard and have a good personality no matter how big one has become. I hope we have more sessions with him and get opportunity to learn more from him.

Nistha Maharjan, CSIT 7th Semester.


Our college has been organizing webinars for the past few weeks bringing people working in the IT industry. As soon as I saw the webinar notice of “Beyond Academics during Academics” by Rabin Gaire (Dai) on the college page, I was keen to attend the webinar. 

Personally, this was not the first time I was interacting with Rabin dai. He was one of the first seniors of my college whom I knew before joining college. Being an attendee of his workshops and getting to talk with him at a few Meetups and events I knew how humble and an inspiring person he was.

I was eager to listen to the journey where he carried himself equally ahead in shaping his professional career in spite of the regular university syllabus. When I enrolled in college, he was a final year student so didn’t get much chance to meet him inside the college so I was more interested to listen to his experience on college days.

As expected, the webinar turned out to be really well where he discussed his journey of working as intern in a startup to working as Software Engineer in one of the top IT companies of Nepal.

The talk was mainly focused on following topics : 

  • -How one can shape professional career along with academics
  • -How Nepalese IT Industry works
  • -Experience of working as Intern in Startup to Software Engineer in one of the leading companies of Nepal
  • -Practicing Open Source Culture 
  • -Choosing the right tech stack 
  • -Importance of Networking and bringing ahead yourself in the IT Industry

My favorite was the part where he talked about the Importance of building Network & Public Speaking and the impact networking has made in his life, as this is the field which I personally feel I was lacking for a long time. The webinar went out for about 2 hrs and ended up with a Q & A session.

Thanks to Rabin Dai for the session and ACHS Academics for organizing these events and introducing awesome personnel from industry for the online sessions and keeping us engaged in the lockdown period.

Aadarsha Acharya, CSIT 5th Semester.


I found “Beyond Academics During Academics” session by Mr. Rabin Gaire, a software engineer at Leapfrog Technology Inc. and one of the graduates of ACHS College, to be interesting and beneficial. The session was short and the presentation was entertaining and well explained. He was so gracious that we placed our questions without hesitation. He shared his experiences in IT field and also talked about procedure to apply for internships which was very fruitful for us.

I would like to thank ACHS, Mr. Rabin Gaire for arranging such sessions in this difficult times. Overall the webinars was informative and I’m glad to be part of it.

Salina Bajracharya, CSIT 3rd Semester.

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