Event on “ Data center and its services in Nepal what’s in it for students” by Mr Niranjan Baral was fruitful and insightful. I was in a dilemma for choosing a suitable and perfect IT platform for me (Technology student). This in-service program by Mr Niranjan Baral about the data center has provided a clear overview of the careers in the data center. As an IT student, the information about the Data Centers was very helpful and productive for me.

This session focused on the data center and cloud computing, contribution to the modern computing age. The session provided me with the clear idea about the data center, working and practical aspects of data center facilities. Moreover, I understood its importance in data backup and recovery  which we would not get to explore in depth through course books and curriculum.

During the Corona Virus pandemic , data center has played an important role. All the colleges are closed and connected virtually with help of  apps like G-Meet and Zoom. Mr Niranjan Baral explained how these services relies on data center facilities. Furthermore, this session provided me overview of, in the world of  enterprise IT, the importance of data center for business applications ( emails, productivity applications, machine learning). Also, I was pleased to know the information about the data center in Nepal and its use of virtualization in the data center to support cloud storage.

I am grateful and proud to be a member of ACHS family and would like to thank our management team for organizing such an educational session in these difficult times. In future, I aim to participate in these sort of educational events and encourage my college to organize more creative programs in future.

Kritam Dangol, CSIT 7th Semester.


ACHS organized webinar on “Data center and its services in Nepal & What’s in it for IT students” where we grabbed the opportunity to learn a lot about data center through the Resource Person Mr. Niranjan Baral (Former Director of Technology, Cloud Himalayan Pvt. Ltd). Being an IT student, it is important to be informed and remain up-to-date about the technological changes, so these sort of platforms are must, and our college has been providing us with these extra curricular facilities beyond our syllabus.

Talking about the webinar/session, it was a lot helpful for us to get the ideas about data centers. We were make aware about the data center, and learnt that it is very important to use and its required fields, also the elements of data center were well discussed in the session along its classification which was very informative for us. Also, we were given the ideas about data center in Nepal. Since we do not have long history of data center in our country, we got to know about it and also its several advantages and disadvantages.

Though technology available in Nepal has bound data center with some limitations, it can be overcome with advancement and proper use of technology and data centers can be established here too in large scale for the proper management of confidential data with less threat of loss or theft.

I would say it was the effective session by Mr. Niranjan Baral that was actually is helpful for the IT background student like us. During this session, there were things that would interests not only me but all of us related to it. The presentation was well understandable and the question answer session helped a lot to clear our queries and we expect more numbers of such session to be organized.

Diksha Lamichhane, CSIT 5th Semester.


“I’m an attendee of the recent webinar related to Data Centers (2020/5/6) presented by Mr. Nirajan Baral. I was glad that I was able to join the session. The session was short and effective in introducing the basics of data centers and its aspects. I liked that the presentation was done in Nepali, this helped me feel comfortable and not out of place.

From the very beginning I appreciated how humble Mr. Nirajan was, not rather than talking about his past experience or qualifications, he simply began by greeting us and starting discussing. I also enjoyed the flow of the session, particularly how questions were put on hold for the time being rather than letting the questions interrupt the presentation.

During the questioning period I saw professionalism in Mr.Nirajan as he answered related questions in a chronological order without leaving any questions behind. He did not rush any answers to jump onto answering the next questions. He made it very clear that he knew about the things he was talking about.

For my first ever time experiencing a web based session, this session was quite fruitful and wholesome overall.

Momik Shrestha, BCA 3rd Semester.

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