MBA Myths You Should Stop Believing In!

Is MBA all about being dapper in suits and polished shoes, an elite gathering of entrepreneurs and investors street-smarting their way out of it? IS MBA the sure-fire way to correct all your academic choices and excel in a career of your interest? Is MBA in Nepal really a good option? Are there good MBA colleges in Nepal?  Is an MBA really worth the hype?

No matter what stream you’re from, doing an MBA must have struck your mind at one point in time. Whether your goal is to pursue MBA from Nepal or abroad, the myths that revolve around this highly coveted course stay pretty much a constant throughout the globe. Before you invest hours in preparing for MBA entrance tests and applying to esteemed colleges, let’s discuss these myths and bust them- one important revelation at a time!

1. The ultimate door to a new career!

Are you considering an MBA to change your career?

You’re not alone. However, there are things you should know before. Firstly, there are two kinds of career changes: Functional and Industrial.  For Example, If you choose to stay an Engineer but change from a communications industry to a Digital Marketing firm, you would be switching industries. If you, however, choose to change your role from an engineer to a social media manager, you are changing the function! Top-ranked B-schools and firms generally advise against doing both at once.

A transition is needed before you take the huge leap. And yes, as much as an MBA gives you that step of safety, it’s not enough! Once you go for MBA, from the internships that you do to the courses you take, everything determines your future. You need to be ready to compete with the existing experts in that field, put in all those extra hours of unwavering commitment, and also to accept the questioning eyebrows raised at you when you talk about a career change.

The verdict: Can you change your career through MBA? Yes. Is it as easy as a stroll in the park, the way it’s portrayed? No. But if you’re getting a chance (the best one) at doing what you love the most, it sure is worth everything!

2. You can talk / Network your way out of an MBA

During our Bachelors, we all had at least one management course that was mandatory. And let’s be honest, that was the subject we considered ‘chill’. From filling our pages with the same lines written five different ways to probably not even owning a textbook, we’ve all been there, done that. And if you’re going to MBA with the same notion, you’re in for a huge shock. You cannot by-heart your way out of an MBA. It needs thinking outside of the box, and a lot of hard work. 

Same applies for a job after MBA, if you think you’re going to use your words without any knowledge, and end up with a huge paycheck, you’re wrong.  MBA is one of the most sought-after courses, and with good reason. Leadership skills, research, efforts, critical thinking makes the manager a good one. MBA is a lot more than a shiny degree you can get away with by lazying around.

The Verdict: MBA does teach you how to put your best point forward. Networking and communications skills are essential too. However, the ‘point’ is of vital importance and you need to have a profound knowledge to make it the best one!

3. If it’s not an Ivy League or a B-School with great ranking, MBA is useless
There is an abundance of Business schools today, each promising a better future than the rest. But are the top-ranked schools the only way to make your degree valuable? This myth, unlike others, comes with a bittersweet reality. Yes, a good college does matter! From the job you end up with, to the overall impact it makes on your networking, a good B-School can become the star of your portfolio. 

The good news, although, is that fame of the institute doesn’t beat talent. Work hard and re-define the degree! Even the growing industries have come to acknowledge the increasing potential of students from all over the globe in different schools. There are many college offering MBA courses in Nepal itself that have delivered excellent results and groomed leaders!

The Verdict: Choosing a good college is crucial for your personal development and shaping your future. However, good colleges are not only the IVY league ones. There are many colleges that provide quality education all over the world. And in the end, it does boil down to your dedication more than anything else.  

4. MBA- Masters Of Barely Anything?

With increased competition in all fields and a few unfortunate rotten apples to blame, the term ‘meaningless’ has quite surprisingly tagged itself along with MBA in the lay-men crowd. But there’s history to prove this wrong. In fact, MBA could help you excel in any discipline! No matter what stream your undergrad course was in, MBA helps you look at it with a fresh perspective and come up with creative, more organized ideas.  MBA programs focus more on the application even more than the theory, producing skilled personnel who are the best at what they do. The MBA degree ensures that the student has enough learning and knowledge to be able to work in any area of his choice, opening a door for tremendous career growth.

The Verdict: There are MBA graduates who’ve changed the world with their ideas. And if “barely anything” would suffice to excel so far, MBA helps you master that as well!

The demand for specialized degree programs at the post-graduate level has been growing, and the MBA programs have witnessed a radical shift with it. The essence and value of an MBA degree have only escalated over the years. If any myth was holding you back from applying, we hope that’s all cleared out. So go ahead and ace that Masters degree, we’re rooting for you!

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